Australian Shepherd Working Cow Dogs with
Show Quality Brains and Beauty!

Mark W. Killian

Killian Ranch Australian Shepherds


4741 E. Southern Ave Mesa, Arizona 85206

We would love to show you our good dogs. You will not find better dogs anywhere in the country. We are breeding dogs that you can do anything with, from playing, to ranch work, to farm work, to agility, show, companionship, serach and rescue, you name it, we want to meet your needs.

Our dogs are good looking dogs that when the neighbor see's your dog, they say to themselves "Hey I wish I had a dog that looked like that!" The wow factor is important, but most important is a dog that is smart, loyal, protective but not vicious, will work cattle but not run them into the fence or the next county. We want a dog that is soft to the command, soft on working livestock that gets the job done, so you don't end up with a horse voice at the end of the day.

Give us a call and let's talk dogs, let's talk cattle and horses if you like, but let us help you find the dog that will take care of you and your family!

Mesa, Arizona 85206
United States 

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