Australian Shepherd Working Cow Dogs with
Show Quality Brains and Beauty!

We were working cattle at the Hackberry ranch in Safford Arizona.  We were checking the two year old heifers to see if they were pregnant.  Ted would work the cattle as they came out of the chute and take them to the holding pen by himself.  He is a natural working dog. When you look at the pictures below ofTed working and moving that Brahman heifer you will see that he is a very smart hard working dog with a very soft touch with determination.  Look at how he turns that heifer.  Awesome.

Ted has been a faithful friend.  He goes with me everywhere.  He is always watching out for me.  I have taken him on a number of Scout outings, Pioneer Treks.  He has been great because he always keeps the bears away from camp.  He is very protective but not in a negative way.

Ted is a cow working son of a gun...He has been working cattle since he was 10 weeks old.  I have been able to work him either in the coral or from horse back out on the ranch.  He is a natural working dog, went to it with no training at all.  When he was 10 weeks old he started working cattle in the chute.  We were working bulls at the ranch in New Mexico and I took Ted with me on that trip.  He was standing by the chute and all of a sudden he started going after the bulls in the chute when the head gate was opened.  We were all amazed at how he just instinctively started getting after the bulls and pushing them out of the chute.  Great dog...would not trade him for anything.  His pups are classic working dogs, great temperment and will do anything you ask of them.

Our Dogs in Action